Days Of Sunday "Self Titled" Demo 2010

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A particularly remarkable and impressive demo!.A hot and talented combination between melodic Hardcore , Old School Hardcore and Emotional HC with the Washington DC feel.Imagine a mixture between Uniform Choice , Rites Of Spring , Embrace , 7 Seconds  and Dag Nasty!.Songs are bursting with a lot of energy , intensity , spirit filled with a plethora of exciting tempo changes , kick ass guitar work with extremely nice tuneful chords / lines.Vocals are sung with passion , fervor and conviction.Great musicianship .. Great songs!.Whouaaa...totally awesome!.Top notch band!.For more details you have to go here and here.

Demo : 4 songs *.* Length : 7m.
1.Recomeco *.* 2.Ato De Promessa *.* 3.Tempo *.* 4.Semelhancas

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