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Close Only Counts "Do Bad Things" 2012

More stuff from Close Only Counts .... Really cool aqnd catchy melodic modern Pop-Punk / Punkrock with Hardcore and Emoish elements combined with a lot of exciting twists and turns , hot jumpy parts and plenty of sweet melodies .So its quite simple if you liked their previous stuff don't hesitate a second to hear their newest stuff!.For more details you have to go here and here.

Tracks : 10 songs *.* Length : 28m.
1.Bike Face *.* 2.The New Guy *.* 3.Knee Shark *.* 4.First We Feast Then We Felony *.* 5.She's Dying I'm Dying *.* 6.I Love You Cincinatti But I'll Always Hate Ohio *.* 7.Ex-Girlfriends Club *.* 8.Jesse And My Whetstone *.* 9.Swing For The Fences *.* 10.Do Bad Things

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