Red Tape Parade "Self Titled" Demo 2007

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Yeah...I have been totally blowed away ... One of the most exciting and attractive band i heard for quite awhile now!.Their music is simply awesome!.Believe me if i was still running my label and i was planning to release a record i would love to make it with Red Tape Parade and without any hesitation!.Fucking talented Hardcore brilliantely executed mixing with passion various musical sensibilities. So imagine : main ingredient is Hardcore and you add a touch of old school , a pinch of Emotional HC with the Washington D.C sound flavor , a pinch of melodic Hardcore and a pinch of PosiCore .... you shake and you obtain an explosive cocktail that will hit you right in your face!.The song structure is quite riche and songs are bursting with a lot of fervor , intensity filled with a plethora of appealing and superb musical arrangements and introducing a catchy , sweet melodic touch.Great sung vocals.Dont miss that band .... simply fantastic and awesome!.Since the demo they have released several records.So for more details about the band you have to go here and here.

Demo : 8 songs *.* Length : 16m.
1.Friendly Fire *.* 2.Of Liberators And Dictators *.* 3.Anthem *.* 4.The Obstacle Race *.* 5.Substance *.* 6.Revelations *.* 7.The Great Escape *.* 8.Pueblo Chico Infierno Grande

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