Broken Beans "The Lost Tapes" 2011

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A one man band ... difficult to guess it when you are hearing the Broken Beans's songs!.Fuck yeah ... quite impressive work!.The music is a quite good driving combination between Punkrock , Emo , EmoCore and Screamo.Rhythm is quite appealing with a mixture of passionate mid-paced parts with a melancholic feel , beautiful quiet moments , high-energy passages , sweet harmonies and a subtle melodic overtone.Heartfelt and poignat sung vocals with a tuneful vibe.A blast of emotions and passion!.For more details about the band you have to go here and here.

Tracks : 08 songs *.* Length : 22m.
1.Mayflies *.* 2.No Fireworks This Year *.* 3.Sail The Seven Seas *.* 4.Little Rascal *.* 5.Tears On The Dead *.* 6.Dont Look Back *.* 7.All Those Years *.* 8.Light From A Dead Start

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