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Last Believer "Self Titled" Mini CD - 2007

Oh...reminds me the good old days when i was young and i was listening to Dag Nasty , Verbal Assault , Ignition ... some of my fave bands!.Last Believer are musically in the same mood and are offering a fucking brilliant Hardcore with the Washington D.C sound touch.Hot moving songs with a pretty cool groovy feel and mixed with an appealing , fine melodic touch.I've no other words to say excepted that grab their stuff and i wish you to have the same keen interest and pleasure i felt in hearing their songs!.A must have!.

So the band offer you their Mini Cd for free and for those interested you have to go here and to get more details about the band it is here.

MiniCD : 4 songs *.* Length : 10m.
1.Again *.* 2.Full Metal Jacket *.* 3.Black And White *.* 4.Turn Your Head

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