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The Murderburgers "Live on Sub City Radio 03.10.2010"

High-energy PopPunk/Rockin'Punk with the 90's sound vibe.Sound quality of the recording is quite excellent.Quite appealing and moving songs that will transmit you all the energy needed to go out from lethargie.It is dynamic , lively , filled with catchy melodies that you will hum all day long , a sweet touch of fun and a kind of joy of life that you will feel growing in you song after song!. Lovely and delicious stuff!.

So the band offer you their live recording for free and for those interested it is here and to gt more details about the band it is here.

Live : 15 songs *.* Length : 23m.
1.Intro *.* 2.Aloha You Sucks *.* 3.Braindead (From Hanging Around With You) *.* 4.3Double Take *.* 5.Sickness In My Head *.* 6.(She Said Please) Stop Staring At Me *.* 7.(It'll Always Be A) Bottomfeeder *.* 8.John Has Anxiety (The Dopamines) *.* 9.Burned Out - Worn Out *.* 10.Lump In My Throat *.* 11.I Hate My Job *.* 12.Eyes On Her *.* 13.Outta My Head *.* 14.Cretin Hop (The Ramones)

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