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Landslider "All Good Things" 2011

Power Emoish Punkrock in the vein of bands such as Hot Water Music , Leatherface.Intense , high-energy played songs bursting with hot emotive and passionate driving parts coupled with a beautiful melodic touch mainly orchestred by delicious tuneful guitar lines.Heartfelt and poignant sung vocals with a strong emotive strenght!.A pure delight!.

So the band offer you it for free and for those interested you have to go here and if you want to know more about the band you have to click here

Tracks : 5 songs *.* Length : 14m.
1.Chiba City Blues *.* 2.Government Town *.* 3.The West End Underground *.* 4.Train To Mariposa *.* 5.Bottom Of Every Bottle

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