Different! "Remember The Old Heroes" Tape 2005

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Fucking cool old school skate Hardcore / Punk with the 80's sound vibe and introducing a quite exciting Surf touch at times.A cross between The Adolescents and JFA.Nerveous , hectic and even frenetic at times , the songs are bursting with a good amount of energy and hot lively rhythms.A quite damn good band!.For more details about them you have to go here and here

Tape : 9 songs *.* Length : 11m.
1.Intro *.* 2.TXS *.* 3.Remain In This Scene *.* 4.Classic Skate Guitar *.* 5.I Dont Need Your Friendship *.* 6.Remember The Old Heroes *.* 7.You Are The Band *.* 8.Satanicaa *.* 9.Julie's Song (JFA Cover)

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