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Apart "Self Titled" 2011

If you partuclarly love melodic stuff sure no reason you dont love Apart!.The band are performing a pretty good sounding melodic Punkrock with a slight emotive vibe at times.Dynamic and enthusiastic songs introducing hot driving mid-paced moments , beautiful melodies you will hum without restraint and sweet tuneful guitar lines.A cross between Face To Face , Pennywise , Millencolin ...Yeah i loved that band!.

So the band offer you for free their album and so if you are interested you have to go here

Tracks : 9 songs *.* Length : 19m.
1.Suicidi *.* 2.Plastic *.* 3.Tardor *.* 4.L'Aigua Bruta *.* 5.Cinc Minuts *.* 6.Que Vindra *.* 7.No Estic Boig *.* 8.Avui No *.* 9.Novembre 99

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