DoubleXCrossed "Moscow Drug Free" Demo 2011

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Hard-hitting old school SExHC a la Turning Point , Chain Of Strength , Bold with a slight PosiCore touch at times. Urgent , fast played songs bursting with energy and tonicity incorporating cool breakdowns and coupled with an exciting guitar work.Vocals are sung with fervor and conviction.A quite pleasant demo!.For more info about the band you have to go here and here.

********** LINE-UP **********
DF Sasha on Vocals *.* Evan N. on Drums
Andrew S on Guitar Alexey on Guitar *.* Dima D. on Bass

Demo : 6 songs *.* Length : 11m.
1.Intro (M.D.F) *.* 2.On The Edge *.* 3.The Sheep (In A Herd) *.* 4.Crossroads *.* 5.Look Behind *.* 6.Never Understand (Chain Of Strength)

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