Pure Scum "Demo 2012" Demo 2012

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Ok ... I would tend to tell that Pure Scum are sounding like 80's US Hardcore / Punk bands and mixed with an influence of the Japanese scene!.High energy mid-paced songs bursting with a good amount of intensity , tenacity and velocity.Vocals are sung with fervor and pugnacity.Pretty good stuff!.For more details you have to go here and here

Demo : 9 songs *.* Length : 10m. Label : Sorry State Rcds
1.To Hell With School *.* 2.Brianwash *.* 3.I Hate The Mail *.* 4.I Dont Care *.* 5.Spit It Out *.* 6.Born To Hate *.* 7.Disaster *.* 8.Test My Patience *.* 9.Road Rash

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