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Problem Child "Restless When Idle" - 2012

Extremely cool moving and driving Punkrock with PopPunk sensibilities and mixed with the 90's sound flavour!.Their music is quite dynamic , tonic with a good amount of energy and an irresistable groovy feel and incorporating a nice melodic touch.Good pleasing sung vocals.Highly appealing and catchy!.A cross between The Bollweevils , Green Day , Mr T. Experience , Screeching Weasel and Dag Nasty!.Totally addicted ... Great band and stuff!.

Tracks : 8 songs *.* Length : 19m.
1.The Protesters *.* 2.Wake Up *.* 3.Wanna B W/U (Ode To Screeching Weasel) *.* 4.W.B.C (A New Kind Of Hate) *.* 5.Letter To A Fascist *.* 6.A Catchy One *.* 7.Wartime *.* 8.Restless When Idle

So the band offer you for free their recording and for those interested it is here and for those interested in knowing more about them you have to go here

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