Gift From Oldschool Records : NEVER AGAIN

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Never Again "No" 8 songs - 2012

Tonic and blasting old school Hardcore songs bursting with intensity and spontaneity introducing a slight melodic feel.Rhythm of the songs is generally fast but alternates at times with intense , driving and even groovy mid-paced parts bursting with a strong and powerful emotive touch here and there.Hard-hitting and kind of aggressive sung vocals with a slightly screamed feel at times. Fucking cool stuff!.

Tracks : 8 songs *.* Length : 20m.
1.Take It Away *.* 2.Beer Color *.* 3.DI Way *.* 4.Infection *.* 5.Fred & Jamy *.* 6.Buddy *.* 7.The Wheel *.* 8.An Empty Diary

So Oldschool Rcds offer you Never Again's stuff for free and for those interested you have to go here and for more details about the band it is here

Thx to Romain #:)-

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