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As We Were "A Reason" 4 songs - 2011

I've been totally blowed away ... yeah As We Were are a fucking amazing band!.Brilliant 90's New School SExHC with a slight metal touch thrown in for good measure!.Intense and powerful rhythms with a hot moving touch and a groovy feel mixed with and coupled with great heavy guitar work creating a slight , fine tuneful overtone here and there.Somber and depressive elements too. Poignant and strong vocals in perfect harmony with the atmosphere of the songs.Excellent!.Highly recommended!.

Tracks : 4 songs *.* Length : 13m.
1.What's Owed *.* 2.Sick Of *.* 3.A Reason *.* 4.Welcome Back

So the band offer you for free their 4 songs and for those interested it is here and for those interested in knowing more about them it is here

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