Beltaine "Self Titled" Demo 1993

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Wouaaa!!!!...Intense and powerful driving Emotional HC having the Washington D.C Post HC feel!.A cross between Verbal Assault,Ignition and Fugazi!.Vocals are sung with passion and having a melodic touch at points....and you can even feel a certain melancholy emerging from the voice here and there.Fine,sweet and catchy as hell musical arrangements and some kick ass guitar parts (the solo on the track "Crush" is simply brilliant and sure it will hit you straight in the heart!).Solid song structures , talented musicianship , everything keeps moving!.This totally caught my attention...Awesome band!.
For more info about them you can check that link

********** LINE-UP **********
Henry E. on Bass *.* Paul V. on Accoustic & Electric Guitar *.*
Way O. on Guitar *.* Sean G. on Drums *.* James Q. on Vocals

Demo : 4 tracks *.* Length : 13m
1.Oath *.* 2.Crush *.* 3.Teach *.* 4.Wither

Meatheads "What The?" Demo 1993

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Well...not so much familiar with that kind of music and so i would say that the music performed by the band is a mix between Alternative Rock having a Pop feel with a slight Punk Rock influence!.A good sense of the melody and catchy rhythms and overall pretty good stuff!.

********** LINE-UP **********
Greg B. on Vocals & Bass *.* Hugh D. on Guitar
Michael C. on Drums

Demo : 6 tracks *.* Length : 18m *.* Label : Nipper Core Rcds
1.Punky *.* 2.No Now Girl *.* 3.Waco *.* 4.And I *.* 5.If You Were Mine *.* 6.Take It Away

Out Of Commission "Self Titled" Demo 199X

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Fast played Old School SExHC bursting with intensity and a high dose of vitality!.Urgent sung vocals having a slight dosed angry feel and coupled with good old style crew backing vocals.Pretty good driving breaks and inense mid tempo parts.Great bass work on the song "Waste Away".Took a real and great pleasure in listening to the band's stuff!.What i could say more...excellent stuff!.

********** LINE-UP **********
Joe on Vocals *.* Keith on Guitar/Vocals *.* Paul on Guitar
Jared on Bass *.* Kev on Drums

Demo : 6 tracks *.* Length : 10m
1.Point Of View *.* 2.Church And State *.* 3.Waste Away *.* 4.Mutual Respect *.* 5.In Every Way *.* 6.The First Stone

Sun Burns Cold "Self Titled" Demo 1993

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Back to the 90's again and S.B.C are from PA and are playing a mid tempo Heavy New School SExHC combined with some quieter , catchy and emotive musical parts.Vocals are sung with passion and a real intensity you can feel all along the tracks.Intense and pretty well played stuff!.For more info about the band you can check that link.
********** LINE-UP **********
Christopher S. *.* Andrew S. *.* Brian O. *.* Mike O. *.* Ben K.
Demo : 3 tracks *.* Length : 10m
1.This Memory *.* 2.Upon My Grave *.* 3.So Fuck The Pale Green

The Xpozez "Lit Up - Burnt Out" Tape 1983

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I always had a particular attraction for that band...their sound has the original touch/feeling making the difference.They used to play a real damn good groovy/dancing Punk....kind of stuff making you happy for the rest of a day and giving you all the energy you need when you felt a bit down!.I cant stop to hum their songs in listening to them!.The band released several records and if i can give you an advice if you can grab any of them do it and you wont regret it!.For more info you can go here

********** LINE-UP ***********
Tez on Vocals *.* Trimble on Bass/Vocals *.* Nog on Drums *.* Heppy on Drums *.* Sim on Guitar *.* Neil on Guitar *.* Andy B. on Drums

Tape : Studio 1981 to 1983 and Live at Stockton Y.M.C.A 11.08.83 *.* Length : 60m
Label : Peaceville
1.Burnt Out Youth *.* 2.Deformation Dancing *.* 3.Seditionaries *.* 4.(Be My)New York Doll *.* 5.(Fuck Off)Yvette Doll *.* 6.Its All Be Done Before *.* 7.Back On The Streets *.* 8.Cocksucker *.* 9.Terminal Case *.* 10.1000 Marching Feet *.* 11.Nothing To Say *.* 12.No War

Razorback "Self Titled" Demo 19XX

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Blasting mid tempo powerfull Punk having a slight metal feel and for sure if you are into the Discharge's stuff you will appreciate that band too!

Demo : 6 tracks *.* Length : 13m
1.Money Slave ** 2.Religious Killing *.* 3.Future *.* 4.Indian Nation *.* 5.Hell Is Here *.* 6.Scales Of Justice

Busted "Demo '02" Demo 2002

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Fast played Old School HC having an Old School SExHC feel incorporating mid tempo parts here and there.Urgent and angry female sung vocals.Overall good stuff!

********** LINE-UP **********
Jen on Vocals *.* Alex on Guitar *.* Owen on Bass
Eli on Drums *.* Jarrod on Guitar

Demo : 5 tracks *.* Length : 8m
1.Intro *.* 2.Let It Go *.* 3.Run Your Mouth *.* 4.End This *.* 5.You Gave Nothing

Nacht Und Nebel "In D.I.Y Sessions" Demo 199X

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Fast played AnarchoPunk/HC with vocals sung with high conviction and sincerity!.Well driven and lively stuff!.Having some fine guitar parts and well strctured songs.Solid stuff!.At times reminds me a bit the excellent French band "Final Blast".And for those who are familiar with that band you will have a good insight about how N.U.N sounds like!.

Demo : 13 tracks *.* Lenght : 26m *.* Label : Guerilla Front Tapes
1.Reste Lucide *.* 2.Riposte *.* 3.Existe *.* 4.Cris Dans La Ville *.* 5.Une Fois Encore *.* 6.Nuit Et Brouillard *.* 7.FLNC *.* 8.Haine *.* 9.Survivants *.* Holocaust *.* 10.Inutile *.* 11.Cité Idylle

Identidad "Self Titled" Demo 1995

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Identidad band from Buenos Aires.Musically they are delivering a mid tempo moshin' to fast and urgent Hardcore mixed with an NYHC touch.Angry and aggressive sung vocals and alternating with dual male sung vocals on some of the songs.You can even hear a Ska touch on one of the song.Overall pretty good stuff!

********** LINE-UP **********
Pablo E. on Vocals *.* Juan E. on Guitar/Vocals *.*
Sebastian P. on Bass *.* Martin P. on Drums *.*
Guillo on Guitar

Demo : 9 tracks *.* Length : 23 m *.* Label : Otra Oportunidad Rcds
1.Castigo *.* 2.No Te Resistas *.* 3.Despues De Todo *.* 4.Capaz De Sembrar La Discordia *.* 5.Solo Suenos *.* 6.Identidad *.* 7.Cha Cha Cha Cha Chan *.* 8.Falsa Apariencia *.* 9.Traicion

Most Precious Blood "Self Titled" Demo 2000

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Aggressive and furious sung vocals coupled with an In Your Face Hardcore mixing heavy mid tempo parts with urgent and intense ones having killing breaks and incorporating a slight melodic feel here and there.All being pretty well structured and you will not remain insensitive to the band's stuff.Have a bunch of records out and for more infos about the band go here.

********** Line-UP **********
Justin B. on Guitar *.* Tom S. on Vocals *. Rachel on Bass *.* Pat F. on Drums

Demo : 6 traks *.* Length : 10m
1.The Knot *.* 2.And The Band Played On *.* 3.Sincerely *.* 4.The Lantern *.* 5.Song Of Siren *.* 6.Come What May

Rampage "Heads In A Vice" Demo 2004

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Rampage are performing an intense and punchy mid tempo SExHC with harsh guitar parts and deep and punchy sung vocals.At times they are incorporating some faster parts bursting with intensity and being a bit totally under control(if i can use that term!)!.Have released a 7Inch having the same title than their demo and out on Lockin Out Rcds!.

********** LINE-UP **********
Josh on Vocals *.* Brian on Bass *.* Craig on Guitar *.* Ben on Drums

Demo : 6 tracks *.* Length : 6m
1.Cavebear *.* 2.Make It Right *.* 3.Heads In A Vice *.* 4.Lean + Mean *.* 5.Buzzkill *.* 6.Get Serious

No Justice "Stiff Fighting" Demo 199X

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For those who are mainly into the Old School HC stuff sure you will appreciate that band!.Urgent and nerveous pure Old School HC/SExHC bursting with intensity and from which emerges lot of sincerity!.About vocals - simply a fantastic voice in perfect harmony with the music.Huge and driving breaks and good singalong backing vocals.A cross between Minor Threat and Turning Point!.They would have deserved to release more stuff than a 7Inch(still available here and there).Hot stuff!

Demo : 6 tracks *.* Length : 12m
1.Political Scheme *.* 2.Threw It Away *.* 3.Confused And Betrayed .*. 4.Apart *.* 5.Failed *.* 6.Still Fighting