The Xpozez "Lit Up - Burnt Out" Tape 1983

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I always had a particular attraction for that band...their sound has the original touch/feeling making the difference.They used to play a real damn good groovy/dancing Punk....kind of stuff making you happy for the rest of a day and giving you all the energy you need when you felt a bit down!.I cant stop to hum their songs in listening to them!.The band released several records and if i can give you an advice if you can grab any of them do it and you wont regret it!.For more info you can go here

********** LINE-UP ***********
Tez on Vocals *.* Trimble on Bass/Vocals *.* Nog on Drums *.* Heppy on Drums *.* Sim on Guitar *.* Neil on Guitar *.* Andy B. on Drums

Tape : Studio 1981 to 1983 and Live at Stockton Y.M.C.A 11.08.83 *.* Length : 60m
Label : Peaceville
1.Burnt Out Youth *.* 2.Deformation Dancing *.* 3.Seditionaries *.* 4.(Be My)New York Doll *.* 5.(Fuck Off)Yvette Doll *.* 6.Its All Be Done Before *.* 7.Back On The Streets *.* 8.Cocksucker *.* 9.Terminal Case *.* 10.1000 Marching Feet *.* 11.Nothing To Say *.* 12.No War

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salut ! Je découvre ton blog avec ps mal de belles choses, comme cette tape des xpozez !! comment la dl ?
Merci et bravo

JC - PM me via the link in the welcome space.Ok.

Salut Jimmy
Merci pour ta réponse . Il semble que pour t'envoyer un mail, cela soit difficile car cela met un message d'erreur ... quand on clique sur le lien. ??? A bientôt de tes news ;... JC

je me suis mis sur tes membres ...
Si cela peut aider au contact ...

where i can download this!!!!
pleaseee, this is a must!!!