Most Precious Blood "Self Titled" Demo 2000

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Aggressive and furious sung vocals coupled with an In Your Face Hardcore mixing heavy mid tempo parts with urgent and intense ones having killing breaks and incorporating a slight melodic feel here and there.All being pretty well structured and you will not remain insensitive to the band's stuff.Have a bunch of records out and for more infos about the band go here.

********** Line-UP **********
Justin B. on Guitar *.* Tom S. on Vocals *. Rachel on Bass *.* Pat F. on Drums

Demo : 6 traks *.* Length : 10m
1.The Knot *.* 2.And The Band Played On *.* 3.Sincerely *.* 4.The Lantern *.* 5.Song Of Siren *.* 6.Come What May

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