Beltaine "Self Titled" Demo 1993

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Wouaaa!!!!...Intense and powerful driving Emotional HC having the Washington D.C Post HC feel!.A cross between Verbal Assault,Ignition and Fugazi!.Vocals are sung with passion and having a melodic touch at points....and you can even feel a certain melancholy emerging from the voice here and there.Fine,sweet and catchy as hell musical arrangements and some kick ass guitar parts (the solo on the track "Crush" is simply brilliant and sure it will hit you straight in the heart!).Solid song structures , talented musicianship , everything keeps moving!.This totally caught my attention...Awesome band!.
For more info about them you can check that link

********** LINE-UP **********
Henry E. on Bass *.* Paul V. on Accoustic & Electric Guitar *.*
Way O. on Guitar *.* Sean G. on Drums *.* James Q. on Vocals

Demo : 4 tracks *.* Length : 13m
1.Oath *.* 2.Crush *.* 3.Teach *.* 4.Wither

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