Nacht Und Nebel "In D.I.Y Sessions" Demo 199X

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Fast played AnarchoPunk/HC with vocals sung with high conviction and sincerity!.Well driven and lively stuff!.Having some fine guitar parts and well strctured songs.Solid stuff!.At times reminds me a bit the excellent French band "Final Blast".And for those who are familiar with that band you will have a good insight about how N.U.N sounds like!.

Demo : 13 tracks *.* Lenght : 26m *.* Label : Guerilla Front Tapes
1.Reste Lucide *.* 2.Riposte *.* 3.Existe *.* 4.Cris Dans La Ville *.* 5.Une Fois Encore *.* 6.Nuit Et Brouillard *.* 7.FLNC *.* 8.Haine *.* 9.Survivants *.* Holocaust *.* 10.Inutile *.* 11.Cité Idylle

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