SMEAR CAMPAIGN "Self Titled" Live Tape 2000

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Not totally sure if we have a kind of demo here because the tracks have been recorded live at CJAM(Windsor ON) the 15th of April 2000.
Pre Oxbaker the band is coming from Canada and they offer us a brutal speedy Thrashy HC/Punk having some mid tempo parts and with raging and angry dual sung vocals.Not really for sensitive ears .... hahaha .... but so so good!.

********** LINE-UP **********
Sam - Bombardant throat savagery *.* Matt - 6 String funeral march
Dave - Hellish crossfire on wooden coffins
Woody - Major rager on the 4 string motherfucker
Jordy - Screaming bloody murder

Tape : 11 tracks *.* Length : 12m
1.Alarm Smarm *.* 2.Plaster Casts *.* 3.Mountain Of Wealth *.* 4.The Difference Between Piss And Rainwater *.* 5.Dont Make Me Heartpunch Your Sorry Ass *.* 6.Stand By Powerless *.* 7.Siege Engine *.* 8.Abuse Humanity *.* 9.Enigma Machine *.* 10.Problem Solved As Many Start *.* 11.Rinse Cycle

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