GENOSSEN "Wehrt Euch!" Demo 1986

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Fast played Punk Rock with a slight HC feel from which emerges a real energy and dynamism you will feel all along your listening!.Vocals are sung with conviction having a real impact on the music delivered!.Hot Stuff!!!!.
Band from Reutlingen formed in 84 they released several demo tapes and featured on lot of compilations.Have a 7 Inch out on Empty Rcds.
For more infos about the band you can visit their homepage here.

********** LINE-UP **********
Virus on Vocals *.* Matsch on Drums
Schilli on Bass *.* Roderich on Guitar

Demo : 8 tracks *.* Length : 15 m
1.Zensur *.* 2.Ostfrontgewitter *.* 3.B-Tong *.* 4.Amis Raus! *.* 5.BRD Reise *.* 6.Wehrt Euch! *.* 7.Ausgerottet *.* 8.Bullenstaat

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whaa cool some genossen demo tape!!!

thanks for posting it.... but theres one big problem, i cant find the link to the download???

am i dumb???