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C.M.F were from Boblingen and played a dynamic and lively Punk Rock having a slight HC feel with a melodic touch and coupled with some nice guitar parts.Somewhere between Bad Religion and Pennywise!.Pretty good and driving stuff!.Have released another demo i will talk about later on and excepted that i dont know so much more about the band.

********** LINE-UP **********
Oli on Bass *.* Ingo on Drums
Ralf on Guitar/Vocals *.* Andy on Guitar

Demo : 10 tracks *.* Length : 27m
1.Mr Thomson B *.* 2.H. Was A Buttfucker *.* 3.Fur Is Dead
4.War Sex *.* 5.Hit Me *.* 6.Evening Of My Life *.* 7.Burn
8.People Hate *.* 9.Awake *.* 10.Insane.

Comments (2) it possible to get that stuff online or so? (-;

I have a copy of this tape given to me by the band. Great tape.