SINDROME DE DOWN? "Vox Populi" Demo

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Would i say they growed up in listening to the Dead Kennedys...probably and for sure its the main influence you can feel when you are listening to the band's songs!.Pretty good stuff!.Sorry dont have the infos about the date of the release of that tape and where the band comes if you would be cool!.

Demo : 5 tracks *.* Length : 10m.
1.Vida Longa Aos Nobres *.* 2.Democracia Capitalista *.* 3.Hei Claidh!?! *.* 4.Humanos Imbecis *.* 5.Eu Sou O Repressor

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Hey man, thats a brazilian band, I have their first LP, this demo is probably 88 or 89.
If you want to check out their LP I uploaded it on my blog:
Where did you got that tape? This is extremely rare here!
By the way... where's the download link? I almost cried when I saw it here!

Yeah. I remember a demotape flyer in magazine argentinian "sick boy" circa 1990