VA - One Voice - Compilation Tape

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International HC/Old School SExHC on which featuring the following bands : Have No Part(US),As It Stands(US),Nations On Fire(Belgium),Initial Cause(US),Jury(Finland),Tiny Giants(Germany),Common Stand(Finland),Step Forward(Sweden),Outrage(US),Connect Four(US),Outward(US),New Direction(Finland) and Ahimsa(Poland).
The compilation is here

Number of Tracks:22 .. Length:30minutes .. Cover:Yes+Bootleg

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Hey bro
seems I have alot of problems with the password to exstract files like one voice comp tape? now matter how I write yes, it will not exstract files??

Hi dude.First thx for visiting the blog and as for as the pass go to the post of the 28th January (Negative Benehem) and at the end you will find the pass for all archives.Have a nice time.Sul8er