Tension "The Sickness Of Our Age" Demo 1994

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Tension are delivering an heavy new school SExHC with mosh parts and slightly screaming/raging sung vocals having a real strenght!.In the vein of bands such as Undertow,Unbroken.The dema was released on the label "Endless Fight Rcds".
Interested in listening to them go here
Password : yes...you should know it...hahaha!

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Hey Buddy
yeah TENSION were totally great "sickness of our age" is the best recorded material by the band, keep it up bro

Hey dude ... yes that band rules!. Thanks for your comment.See you next time...cheers

Thanks for the posting. Just wanted to mention that you included a scan from the Shit Happens demo in the packed file.

I am looking for scans of the Rawness demo tapes. A nice old school band from France back then. I have two demo tapes by them but no covers. If any one has informations or contacts please drop me a line!

Hi Hirsinger Youth .... Oups my eyes were probably pretty much tired when i did that....
Rawness - yes i know that band and think have something about them somewhere..I will take a look at that and will let you inform.Before they used to play in Blighted Area (great HC and should post their demo quite soon)
Thx for visiting and for the comment.Cheers

TENSIÓN: Raw and dark hardcore punk from Spain. DEMO TAPE: https://tensionpunk.bandcamp.com/releases CONTACT: https://www.facebook.com/tensionpunk/?fref=ts