VA - Declino Vs Negazion - Split Tape

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Two classic Italian HC bands of the 80's.Declino are delivered a boosted and nerveous HC with urgent sung vocals and reminds me a bit the band "Wretched" and Negazione are playing a blasting HC from which emerges a real strength coupled with slightly yelled/angry sung vocals.Including the classic track "Tutti Pazzi"!.
Demo one click here

Number of Tracks:17 .. Length:26minutes .. Cover:Yes

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Yes! Mille grazie JimmY! I had been looking for this (because of the Declino side) for a while and the other day I found a discography reissue in some blog but was disappointed when seeing it was far from being complete... the instrumental song from this tape was missing for instance, and half of the Eresia 12", 2 songs from the EP etc. It's great to see the original cover too. Oh, the 'unknown' song in the Negazione side is "Non mi dire".
Yes some of the Declino songs here sound a bit a la Wretched... but only in this tape
Been thinking about your 'help call'... I might help with a couple of interesting demos, though I'd rather speak about it thru mail but didn't find your address...
Fernando :)

Hi Fernando.Cool to hear that you have been pleased in getting that tape you was looking for a while.
And thanx for showing an interest in helping me.It would be pretty appreciated and for sure would be very helpful.I will add probably quite soon an email through which you will be able to keep in touch.
I also thought about a channel on IRC but dont know if it would be a good solution even its a great way to talk/communicate together.
Thx again for all.Have a nice day and hope you ejoyed a lot the band's stuff.Cheers.JiMMy

how can i get extract the files?
i write the password but i cant...
say error...
please some help