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Ulises Lima "A Thousand Words" 2010

Beautiful and captivating music , charming melodies , catchy harmonies ... brilliantly executed songs!.Ulises Lima are performing a wonderful Emo / Post Hardcore with a slight EmoCore touch , filled with hot moving parts and strong emotive and passionate moments.Sweet and delicious tuneful guitar lines and heartfelt , delicate sung vocals.I have been totally under the belt of their music.A cross between The Get Up Kids , Fugazi and Amanda Woodward!.Hot stuff!.

Songs : 8 *.* Length : 21m.
1.Bracket *.* 2.Good To Know *.* 3.A Thousand Words *.* 4.The River *.* 5.This City *.* 6.Madrid Is A Hole *.* 7.Pulse Bbetween Present And Past *.* 8.Old Habits

So the band offer you their record for free and if you want to grab it you have to go here and for those interested in knowing more about them just click here

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