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Black Bones "Pirates Of The Coast" 2009

I love their band's name!.I love their artwork!.I love their music and the atmosphere they create!.I love the concept of their songs!.I love everything done by the Black Bones!.I have been totally enthralled ... Fucking brilliant and delicious great moving Punkrock combined with Celtic/Irish folk , Rock elements.The guitar work is quite impressive and exciting with a plethora of kick ass tuneful solo parts.Hot driving and lively songs filled with enthusiasm , plenty of catchy parts , sweet melodies.A music to drink , dance and chant along with all your friends!.Awesome!.

Songs : 11 *.* Length : 41m.
1.Pirates Of The Coast *.* 2.We Will Rise Again *.* 3.Seaquest *.* 4.Burning Soul *.* 5.The Demon's Lair *.* 6.Drink Up Me Matey's *.* 7.The Ratting Bones Of Gill Mc Gee *.* 8.Captain Blood *.* 9.End Of Time *.* 10.Good Times *.* 11.Rock'n'Roll

So the band offer your their record for free and if you want to grab it you have to go here and if you are interested in knowing more about them it is here

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