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Procession "Fade" Ep - 2011

Procession are performing a sweet and delicious moving Emoish Pop / Punkrock with an Indie feel thrown in. Beautiful and charming as hell female sung vocals from which you can feel a lot of emotion , sensibility and even a slight melancholy.Sweet driving and tuneful guitar lines. Extremely catchy and pleasing to listen to with a plethora of wonderful passages filled with a lot of emotion , passion and beauty throughout their songs.Their music will charm your heart and soul!.

Ep : 6 songs *.* Length : 23m.
1.Mememtos *.* 2.Certainly *.* 3.Grand Ledge *.* 4.Red And Orange *.* 5.Always And Never *.* 6.Spring Thaw

So the band offer you their Ep for and for those interested you have to go here

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