VA - Downfall Of Gaia Vs Kazan - Split Tape - 2009

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Downfall Of Gaia : Loud and oppressive heavy Hardcore / Screamo with dark and screaming sung vocals.Songs are quite intense and powerful mixing furious parts with slower passages from which emerges a somber atmosphere filled with sadness and despair. They incorporate a subtle poetic and melodious overtone here and there.
Kazan : Heavy Hardcore / EmoCore with a slight metal touch. Screamed , tortured sung vocals combined with spoken words at times and filled with a lot of anger , despair and anguish.Deep , intense mid-paced parts , a slight melodious feel orchestred by fine guitar lines , coupled with faster , agggressive passages and softer ones here and there.Passionate and powered from the heart!.Two really good bands for a solid release!.For more details you have to go here

Tape : 9 songs *.* Length : 46m. *.* Label : Sengaja Rcds
Downfall Of Gaia's songs - 1.Der Letzte Atemzug *.* 2.Bild In Grau *.* 3.1000 Kleine Nadeln *.* 4.Zurruck
Kazan's songs - 1.Intro *.* 2.Vide De Sens *.* 3.L'Une Avant L'Autre *.* 4.Dernieres Nouvelles *.* 5.Le Pacte

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