Bored Straight "Self Titled" Tape - 2010

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Pretty cool and good old school Hardcore influenced by the eraly 80's sound!.It's nerveous as hell mxing with fervor fast , tonic moving passages filled with a lot of energy , intensity with cool stop and go parts.13 minutes of a pure delight for all the lovers of good old school Hardcore!. Yeah..that band rules!.Have a few records out and so for more details about the band you have to go here and here

********** LINE-UP **********
Eric on Guitar *.* Nicolai on Vocals
Quentin on Drums *.* Dan on Bass

Tape : 16 songs *.* Length : 13m.
1.Stretched Legs *.* 2.Scattered Blood *.* 3.T.S.I.S *.* 4.Beg For More Tab *.* 5.Idiots Among Us *.* 6.I Hate This Place *.* 7.Dont Blink *.* 8.I Saw It (Deep Wound) *.* 9.Happy Its Over *.* 10.Brain Coma *.* 11.Murph *.* 12.Forced Down (SS Decontrol) *.* 13.Search For More (Necros) *.* 14.No Rules *.* 15.Crumbs *.* 16.Waste

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