Continents "Rivers We Walk" Demo - Cdr - 2011

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Fucking intense and deep heavy Hardcore mixed a strong EmoCore flavour!.Their music is quite tight and solid.A quite well executed and structured combination between energetic , powerful driving mid-paced parts and soft parts filled with a huge degree of emotion!.There is a subtle , delicious melodious touch here and there.Heartfelt , poignant and slightly screamed sung vocals bursting with passion.An addictive cocktail of sadness , pain and despair!.Hot!.For more details about the band you have to go here and here

********** LINE-UP **********
Simon on Guitar *.* Dominic on Guitar *.* Tobi on Drums
Richard / Flo on Bass *.* Kris on Vocals

Demo : 4 songs *.* Length : 18m.
1.Intro - Fragments *.* 2.To You A Thought *.* 3.Forgiveness *.* 4.Scenery Fade

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