Isolated "Demo MMXI" Demo 2011

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Tight and solid modern Hardcore!.Songs are technically well-structured and their music is quite exciting and is a good combination between intense fast parts filled with vigour crossed with driving powerful mid-paced passages and incorporating a subtle melodic overtone.Heartfelt sung vocals from which you can feel a lot of passion , sincerity and conviction.A pretty damn good band!.For more infos about the band and label you have to go here , here and finally here too

********** LINE-UP **********
Rich on Vocals *.* Dan on Guitar
Jack on Bass *.* Charlie on Drums

Demo : 5 songs *.* Length : 11m. *.* Label : Pinky Swear Rcds
1.Isolated *.* 2.Glory Days *.* 3.Answering Back *.* 4.Dont Wait Up *.* 5.Chains

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