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Dead Beat Heros "Self Titled" Ep - 2011

Cool and quite good melodic Punkrock / PopPunk influenced by the 90's sound and in the vein of bands such as Fifteen , Green Day , Cringer , Crimpshrine.Driving energetic and hectic musical parts alternating with high groovy slower passages and combined with powerful and delicious tuneful guitar lines.Songs are catchy as hell and appealing!.Back to the old good days ... and when its done like that ... its so so good!.Pick up this awesome Ep and pick up their other one for free too while you are at it!.

So the band offer you their ep for free and to grab it you have to go here and to get more infos about the band you have to click here

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Heard this band a while back and I've got to say, they're sounding better than ever. Excellent songs and I have no clue why they aren't signed yet. We want more D.B.H !!