Hearts & Souls "We Were All Lost" Tape - 2011

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Only two songs here and it's a pity 'cause Hearts & Souls are sounding so cool and good it would have been a pure delight to hear more tracks from them!.I would define their music as melodic emotional Rock with PopPunk sensibilities.I have been totally and immediately under the spell of the so charming and beautiful voice of the female singer.The songs are mid-paced mixed with a lot of subtle and cool tempo changes , pack a good dose of emotion , have a fine line of melody.Tthe guitar work is simply perfect : clean , dreamy , tuneful guitar lines / chords.Tight , solid and mature stuff!.Music that'll break your heart if you're feeling vulnerable!.For more details about the band you have to go here and here

********** LINE-UP **********
Lucinda *.* Andy *.* Conor *.* Justin

Tape : 2 songs *.* Length : 8m. *.* Label : Pinky Swear Records
1.We Wwere All Lost *.* 2.Think Of Me

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