Warbound "Shades Of Red" Demo 2010

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Kick ass Old School HC mixing with brio furious and explosive urgent fast parts with really cool driving mid-paced parts and breakdowns having a slight heavy feel.Tenacious , aggressive in your face sung vocals.A cross between Negative Approach , Side By Side , No For An Answer.Highly recommended!.For more infos about the band click here

********** LINE-UP **********
Bobby on Vocals *.* Jordo on Guitar
Ryan on Bass *.* Tone on Drums

Demo : 8 songs *.* Length : 10m
1.Punching The Wall *.* 2.You Dont Have A Rep Yet *.* 3.Like Chains *.* 4.Shades Of Rain *.* 5.What Will Remain *.* 6.Age Of Apocalypse *.* 7.Unstoppable *.* 8.Why Be Something You Are Not

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