The Stillmen "Demo 2009" Demo 2009

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The Stillmen are a pretty damn good band!.One of the reasons i'm telling you that is that musically they remind me 3 bands i like so much : Dag Nasty , Rites Of Spring and The Descendents!.Their music is groovy , catchy and lively as hell and incorporating some fucking sweet , fine tuneful guitar parts.The songs are flowing very well and sure you will have a pleasant time in hearing their stuff.
Hot driving melodic Hardcore with a strong D.C vibe!.A truly promising band!.For more info about the band you can go here and here

********** LINE-UP *********
Arnold on Guitar *.* Ronald on Drums *.* Jack on Bass
David on Guitar *.* Nelson on Vocals

Demo : 3 songs *.* Length : 5m
1.Hurt Again *.* 2.Dave's Party Song *.* 3.I Wont Leave You

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