Bully "Self Titled" Tape 2010

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Devastating angry and abrasive Hardcore with a Punk touch and a slight Powerviolence feel.Rhythm of the songs is overall quite fast from which you can feel lots of aggressivity and fury and coupled with driving mid-paced parts and breakdowns on a few songs.Angry , tortured sung vocals.It will rip your face off!.For sure it rages!.Good stuff!.For more info about the band you can go here

********** LINE-UP **********
Tyler on Drums *.* Ian on Vocals
Morgan on Bass *.* Colter on Guitar

Tape : 9 songs *.* Length : 8m *.* Label : Mind Melt Ent.
1.Delusions Of Masculinity *.* 2.Spermicide *.* 3.W *.* 4.Town Of Evil Winds *.* 5.End This *.* 6.Tik Tok *.* 7.Punx *.* 8.A Step Towards The Future *.* 9.Split

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