Whatever "No Promise Land" Demo - 2011

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Absolutely hot!.Whatever are delivering 3 pure and merveillous melodic Punkrock songs with a slight Hardcore feel and quite well inspired by the 90's sound!.A mix between Millencolin , No Use For A Name , Bad Religion and Pennywise!.Catchy and lively rhythms fille with a lot of energy and vitality and coupled with sweet as hell melodies and appealing guitar chords.And as bonus you have a cool video.The perfect music to hear in skating , in drinking a beer during a sunny day!.I have been totally blowed away ... a must have!.For more details about the band a click here and here.

Demo : 3 songs *.* Length : 7m.

Tracks : 1.Need A Break *.* 2.No Promise Land *.* 3.Breakdown

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Hey Jimmy, check out your mailbox i've sent a message about some wanted melodic punk releases and reuploads... and awesome blog indeed!! ;) Victor

did you receive my mail?!

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