We're Not Dead "Not Falling Apart Anymore" - 2013

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A quite cool Punkrock with an Hardcore touch and a quite well dosed and orchestred combination of 90's and modern sound elements coupled with heartfelt sung vocals. Reminds me band like Avail , Kid Dynamite.Catchy , energetic , lively melodic with cool jumpy parts.Pretty good stuff!.For more details about the band a click here or here.

Tracks : 13 songs *.* Length : 20m.

Tracks : 1.Down Together *.* 2.Make Way For The Bad Guy *.* 3.Fuck It We'll Do It Live *.* 4.What I Am Doing To Do This Month? *.* 5.There's No Revolution In Your Rock *.* 6.Song For The Lion's Den *.* 7.Don't Say Whatever To Me *.* 8.Some People Play Baseball *.* 9.A Fast Walk Into A Furious Woodchipper *.* 10.My Mind Must Be Other Place *.* 11.We're Not Dead / Absent Friends *.* 12.Sixth And Center *.* 13.Tractor Man : Redemption

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