Wolfnote "Self Titled" Demo - 2013

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Beautiful , melodic , emotive driving Punkrock / Pop-Punk with a subtle Emoish touch.Reminds me a bit Alkaline Trio at times.Their music is quite appealing and catchy with nice melodies that will fill your heart with happiness and a lot of sweet moving thythms.I have been totally blowed away by their music.With a such demo they show they have all the required potential to become a huge band!. Dont miss them!.For more details you have to go here and here.

Demo : 6 songs *.* Length : 21m.

Tracks : 1.The Wolfnote *.* 2.Coffin Head *.* 3.Northern Girl *.* 4.Bloodline *.* 5.Uniform *.* 6.Howling

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