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VA "La Planete De Tous Les Dangers" Tape - 1985

First compilation out on A.O.D and such the releases out on M.H.R i wont give my opinion cause i would not be really objective and the reason is quite simple to guess.I will try to post the other stuff released on the both labels.
Well on that tape you can find the following bands : LD50 (UK) , Anathema (UK) , The Snapping Bogseats (UK) , The Dirty Scums (Belgium) , Disturb (France) , Richard 3 (France) , Cripure SA (France) , Pin Prick (France) , Final Blast (France) and Civilised Society (UK).22 tracks of Punk , AnarchoPunk and Hardcore.

 La Planete De Tous Les Dangers *.* Pass : THCPDTA

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