Skinny Girl Diet "Self Titled" Tape 2012

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Awesome!.Fucking impressive female Punk / Post-Punk band with a slight AnarchoPunk vibe!.Yeah ... reminds me a bit The Lost Cherrees at times.I have been totally under the spell of the charming and charismatic voice of the female singer(s).Captivating and driving mid-tempo songs with hot catchy parts coupled with beautiful quiet moments filled with a touching melancholy.There is something of magic , captivating emerging song after song and there is a real chance that you be addicted to their music.Dont miss that band!.One of the best bands i discovered since i started my blog!.Milk Records offer you the demo for free and so you have just to go here and to get more details about the band it's here and here.

Tape : 5 songs *.* Length : 13m. *.* 2.Douche Bag *.* 3.Home Sick *.* 4.Sunburn *.* 5.Teenage Wolf Pack

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