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Legitimate Business "First World Problem" 2009

Musically Legitimate Business are performing a quite well structured and talented combination between Punkrock , Pop-Punk and Ska and "First World Problem" is an extremely appealing and exciting record!.Sweet and captivating as hell moving songs bursting with energy , dynamism and filled with catchy melodies and a plethora of fine arrangements.Here is an album you would love to hear again and again.A band deserving all your attention!.So for those interested you have to go here and here.

Tracks : 13 songs *.* Length : 45m.
1.First World Problem *.* 2.The Next 23 Years *.* 3.80 On 80 *.* 4.Remember When *.* 5.It's Not Murder (If You're Already Dead) *.* 6.Sneaking Suspicion *.* 7.A New Era *.* 8.Saint Of Killers *.* 9.Lost Direction *.* 10.Have A Drink Baby *.* 11.One Hell Of A Ride *.* 12.S.O.S *.* 13.A Bitter Goodbye Song

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