Make No Gains "End Of History" 2011

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Awesome and brilliantly executed stuff!.Whouaa...I have been totally captivated and enthralled by their six songs!.Catchy as hell Punkrock combined with Emoish sensibilities at times and filled with a plethora of hot pleasing and moving parts , a good amount of energy , a sweet melodic touch and a subtle emotive vibe.A cross between Anti-Flag , Good Riddance , Hot Water Music and Propagandhi!.Fucking hot driving guitar work offering delicious tuneful guitar lines / chords.Heartfelt and passionate sung vocals. A must have!.For more details you have to go here and here

Tracks : 6 songs *.* Length : 13m.
1.End Of History *.* 2.Recession Specials *.* 3.The Pigs *.* 4.First World Problems *.* 5.No Soul To Save *.* 6.Eye Of The Tiger

Thx to Make No Gains #:)-

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