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The Departed "This Is What We Know" - 2009

Kick ass and blasting Old School SExHC mixed with a slight New School touch and with the 90's sound vibe.Powerful , tonic and intense played songs with a wonderful emotive feel at times and coupled with an exciting and solid driving guitar work adding a subtle tuneful touch to the song structure.Strong and poignant sung vocals with punchy back-up vocals here and there.Extremely well played and appealing stuff!.Highly recommended!.

So the band offer you their stuff for free and for those interested it is here and for more details about the band you have to go here

Tracks : 10 songs *.* Length : 22m.
1.Introduction *.* 2.I Thought You Said Global Welfare Not Warfare *.* 3.So Long And Thanks For All The Chemicals *.* 4.Talk Talk Talk *.* 5.Welcome Home *.* 6.So Much For Role Models *.* 7.Find Religion Forget Free Thought *.* 8.Every Breath *.* 9.Skeletons *.* 10.No Turning Back

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