Copyright Chaos "Demo 05" Demo Cdr - 2005

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Cool sounding and moving Streetpunk played by Copyright Chaos.Tonic and fast played songs bursting with energy mixed with driving mid-tempo parts and coupled with tenacious sung vocals in perfect harmony with the music.A cross between Dead Zone , The Ccasualties , Defiance and The Varukers.Fast and insicive guitar lines.All is done with a lot of conviction and sincerity!.Good stuff!.
For more details about the band you have to go here

********** LINE-UP **********
Todd on Vocals *.* Brandon on Guitar
Jake on Bass *.* Jim on Drums

Demo : 7 songs *.* Length : 14m.
1.Our Way Of Life *.* 2.Religious Victims *.* 3.Drive Drunk *.* 4.Up The Drunk Punks *.* 5.Elm City Chaos Punks *.* 6.Violence *.* 7.Punker Than You

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