All Star Me "We've Been Dancing For Ourselves For Far Too Long" Demo Cdr - 200X

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Another quite damn good band!.Top cool and lively power PopPunk / Punkrock with catchy sung vocals and punchy choruses.Dynamic and tonic songs with a fine groovy touch , incorporating cool tempo changes.Tthe guitar work is pretty pleasing with some attractive tuneful and jumpy lines.A cross between New Found Glory , Northstar , Get Up Kids and Face To Face.If PopPunk / Punkrock is your thing you should love All Star Me!.For more details about the band you have to go here

********** LINE-UP **********
Ryan *.* Sean *.* John *.* James

Demo : 6 songs *.* Length : 15m.
1.Intro *.* 2.We've Been Dancing *.* 3.Heart Break Kids *.* 4.Undefeated *.* 5.Honey *.* 6.Ounce Of Happiness

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