Pointing Finger "Fighting For The Movement" Demo 1999

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Sure those who are into SExHC's music know already Pointing Finger - a pretty damn good band from Portugal.So for the other ones Pointing Finger are performing a pretty good and exciting Old School SExHC / PosiCore with a slight melodic touch.A cross between Gorilla Biscuits , Better Than A Thousand , Uniform Choice and Insted.Good high positive energy , catchy riffs , driving breakdowns and a good singing.The band released several records before to split up.For more details about them you can go here

********** LINE-UP **********
Dave on Guitar *.* Diogo on Vocals
Rafael on Drums *.* "Puto" Rafael on Bass

Demo : 12 songs *.* Length : 22m
1.Let Us Begin *.* 2.Earth First *.* 3.No More Violence *.* 4.Respect *.* 5.It's Not Right *.* 6.You Choose *.* 7.Posers In The Scene *.* 8.Manipulation *.* 9.High On Dope *.* 10.The Truth *.* 11.Free Will *.* 12.Xxx

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