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The Label is offering a bunch of releases you can download for free.If you wish you can buy physical copies or donate a few bucks and should i have to mention they deserve it ... yes for sure!.So here're the bands you can find on the label :
The NOJONS : Yeah fucking cool for those who are into the 90's Punkrock / PopPunk sound. Tonic and dynamic melodic songs a la Screeching Weasel , Bollweevils , The Queers
WE THE PEOPLE : Good Punkrock with an Emoish feel at times
BAD COPS : Emo / Post Hardcore with lots of fine guitar arrangements and a plethora of catchy parts.
AWOL : Tonic and hectic Punkrock with nerveous and angry sung vocals.Fucking good!
BAYONET UK : Mid tempo 80's Punk / Oi.A cross between The Gonads , Sham 69....
KNOW NOTHING : Emo Pop / Indie with beautiful and charming female sung vocals alternating between soft parts and powerful ones
NIGHT OWLS : Punchy and driving Punkrock.Reminds me a bit Naked Raygun
LIKE RATS : Aggressive , pucnhy and nerveous Punk / Hardcore .Reminds me a bit Poison Idea at times.
IN LIEU : Intense , powerful and energetic Emoish Punkrock / PopPunk with a slight D.C vibe. A cross between Jawbreaker , Broccoli and Fugazi!
REJOUISSANCE : Rock / Post hardcore with awesome heartfelt sung vocals.
The SLOW DEATH : Really hot lively Punkrock / Rockin'Punk with pretty damn good driving guitar parts.Reminds me a bit Social Distortion.
WEIGHTLESS NESS : Passionate EmoCore influenced by the 90's sound.Great band!
HILLBOMBERS : Skate Rock / Punk
URCHINS OF THE NIGHT : Driving and lively Punkrock with some kick ass guitar parts.
SANDWORMS : Catchy Punkrock with the 80's - 77's feel.

I highly suggest and recommend you to support them (bands + labels) and of course if you can afford to do it ....

For more details here's the link TIME TO OPERATE Rcds

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